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By: Ngoc Sii

In October, all of nature is striving to retain the fading breath of autumn that still lingers in some corners of the earth. Young people, full of energy, try to figure out how to make the most of the last days of the season. Many young Vietnamese backpackers set out on journeys and take up daunting challenges to do just that. Ha Giang is a favourite destination at this time of year.

Ha Giang province in the northern highlands is enchanting due to the hilly landscape, pleasant and moderate weather, fresh air and its genuine, hospitable, native people. In particular, autumn is a showcase for buckwheat flowers. As the chilly air starts to blow, these tiny flowers spread far and wide over the rocky landscape.

Buckwheat flowers are a resilient species that can withstand prickly chills and severe water shortage, so they flourish in this terrain. The flowers are at their best just before wilting, when they turn from white to pink and dark vermillion. Growing in bunches, they embrace yellow pistils within, and are sustained by green, triangular leaves. Their petals are warm, dark pink. Sometimes the flowers are pure white. Buckwheat seeds can be collected to make cakes or liquor. These delicacies are often on offer to bolster tourists’ energy while in Ha Giang.

In buckwheat flower season, it is important to stop in Lung Cam Valley, Sung La Commune, Dong Van District. The flowers are everywhere, at passes and meandering trails, on looming rice terraces behind lush, exuberant cane grass shrubs, and under straight standing Cunninghamia evergreen tree rows. An annual buckwheat flower festival highlights the “flower on rocks” branding that represents the cultural and artistic values of Ha Giang.

Passion prompts youngsters to leave behind their bustling cities to traverse Ha Giang highlands’ spiky mountains and floral carpets where they can freely savor fresh mountain air and admire the magnificent plateau landscape. They chose to backpack, the perfect travelling experience to make the most of the area. In Ha Giang, the buckwheat flowers are beautiful to behold, an embodiment of the resilient and lovable locals.