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Christmas has been around for centuries and has many names. A joyous holiday that is celebrated around the world, it has an abundance of varied traditions.  Historically, many of the decorations we associate with Christmas are derived from religious beliefs and folklore, and have evolved through time.  Whatever your reason for the season may be, enjoy celebrating with loved ones and decorating with some of these iconic holiday items.


Twinkling strands make quite a contribution to holiday splendour.  There is a symbolic significance in using light. We use it to literally brighten up our homes and warm our hearts.  There are epic sparkling displays that bring people together all across the globe.  Creativity, continuous advancements in technology, and the flexibility of today’s products make for some amazing seasonal showcases.


Typical and timeless combinations tend to involve red, green, and gold, and white with blue.  The significance and meaning of these colours varies depending on culture or belief, but all colours are beautiful and can be implemented and combined in many ways. Decorate in any colour combination that brings you joy.


Picking out and decorating a Christmas tree gets everyone in the holiday spirit.  It is a highly regarded yearly tradition. Some pre-planning ensures the holiday season will be a success. Make sure you measure twice and buy once.  There is nothing like bringing the perfect tree home and not being able to get it in place.  Decorating the tree is a matter of preference and definitely a moment to cherish.


There are debates on how this tradition started, but there is no denying the significance the stocking takes in our holiday festivities. Christmas stockings are available in styles from traditional to avant-garde. Depending on your personality, customize your stocking accordingly. Impress Santa with one sure to get his attention.

Candy Cane

The sweet shepherd’s hook can be found just about everywhere during the holidays.  Historically candy canes were originally white and straight.  Over time the candy became hooked and striped, and that is how it stayed.  The iconic white and red treat is traditionally peppermint, but the modern candy cane comes in an assortment of colours and flavours.


Compliment your Christmas décor with a festive wreath.  This timeless accent is something you are sure to see a lot of during the holidays.  Decorate your home with this prominent display piece in your favourite holiday colours.