Fun Festive DIY Décor

The holiday season is a great opportunity to explore your DIY capabilities, and take the unexpected approach with decor.  The reason for the season is togetherness, and these projects will give you plenty of reasons to host a Holiday party.  Get excited to show off your DIY skills to your friends and family with these creative crafts, which are sure to entice compliments and evoke conversation.  Can you really have too much holly or jolly around this time of year? I think not, so get merry.

Here are some fun projects and unconventional approaches to try:

1612-decor01Who says the Christmas tree has to be 3D? Not me! Try this make-shift tree made with coloured felt and ribbon. This is a versatile tree you can put up anywhere. Keep this artistic approach in mind if you are lacking space, for on top of a fireplace mantle, or on doors.


1612-decor02Why just decorate the tree, when you can decorate everything you see?! Put some wrapping ribbon around your throw pillows, and place some snowflakes and bows on the wall.

1612-decor03For this project, put your favourite festive scented candle in a cocktail glass, glue some cinnamon sticks around the outside, fill in the remaining space with some greenery. Add some cranberries for a pop of colour. This makes for a great centerpiece.  Go the extra mile with some matching name cards for your dinner guests.

1612-decor04This is a fun way  to add some festive flair to your table setting. Wrap some ribbon around your candle holders. Paint those generic green or orange planters in neutral tones or whatever colour matches your decorating theme. Fill in the extra space with greenery, pine cones, and cranberries, and add a decal for the finishing touch.

1612-decor06This tree is not for everyone. But I encourage people to think outside the perfectly wrapped generic box and do something bold.  I love this tree…a Christmas tree with no leaves. Whether your guests can appreciate this creative concept or not, it is sure to captivate their attention; why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?! For obvious reasons, it doesn’t leave a heap of messy pine needles behind making after-holiday clean up easy as a slice of fresh baked pie.

1612-decor05For the craft connoisseur, have a go at making your own ornaments.  Ornaments seem synonymous with the holidays, and come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  True artistic expression has no boundaries, have fun.

1612-decor07When wrapping your gifts you can get that “craft” look by using mailing wrap or old newspapers.  Top those packages off with your own handmade tags for a personal touch and a pop of festive colour.

Don’t forget the exterior!

1612-decor08Is it even the holidays if there isn’t a wreath on the front door? It has not been denied or confirmed.  But why take that chance, and why not make your own?  Use our staple items on this piece: pine cones, ribbon, cranberries, good old fashioned creativity, and just for fun a hazelnut or four.

1612-decor09How about some homemade “topiary trees” on the lawn or balcony? I think so.  Topiary trees can essentially be any shape.  For this purpose, use a ribbon that has a wire already inside, available at craft stores.  Wrap this ribbon around a shape of your choosing, pull out the mold from the bottom and you will be left with a wonderful ribbon mold, your topiary tree.