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It is that time of year! Time to clean and de-clutter, time for fresh and new.  Tackling this task can be daunting, but if you follow these simple steps you’ll find you have an organized and healthy home.

Allocate and designate

Decide where items can be stored. These areas must be organized first so you can maximize storage square footage and remain productive throughout the process. Areas such as the garage or basement, a locker or storage unit are ideal for seasonal and infrequently used items.  Adequate storage is a major element in organization and making sure your home runs smoothly.  If you do not have storage space create it with built-ins or purchased pieces.

Stack and stow

Assessing the need of an item. Does it have a place or a purpose?
Don’t let rooms get overrun with sporting equipment, seasonal attire, shoes, and miscellaneous items.

Be organized to stay organized

Day to day activities make it easy for a household to spiral out of organizational control, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Store your items in categories and clear containers for access and visibility.  When everything has a place it is easier to find items when you need them. Proper organization will prevent everything from ending up on the counter.  Invest in a beautiful counter-top that you want to see instead of clutter.

Beautify and rejuvenate

New bedding, clean flooring, a coat of paint, plants, and a colourful floral arrangement can really freshen the ambience.

Outside is the new inside

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Exterior space deserves consideration and detail. Have a welcoming and functional outdoor area that compliments the interior. Clean the walls and windows. Invest in your outdoor furniture and accessories.  Get a vibrant outdoor rug, add cushions and accent pillows. Put out some planters with an assortment of rich foliage.

Get fresh with feng shui for a healthy home:

  • Incorporate elements of earth, water, metal, and wood throughout.
  • Colour impacts our emotional and physiological well being. Choose and accessorize with colour in a way that stimulates positive energy.
  • Water features, aquariums and wind chimes add enchantment, serenity and tranquility.
  • Lighting is a simple way to bring more chi into your environment. Implement a full spectrum of light, use LED bulbs, or add a fireplace where possible.
  • Art is a great enhancement to any space, whether in the form of a painting, sculpture, or textile.  Choose pieces that entice positive images and feelings.  The placement of the art should also be carefully considered.
  • Plants, flowers and your finishes can connect you with the natural world. Chose specific shapes and colours that correspond to particular elements in feng shui.