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By: Le Xuan

Each fashion season that rolls in is a time for fashionistas everywhere to experience a slew of new styles and outfits. A new season also brings about a shift in fabric textures and colors, both of which will carry a fresh vibe coming out from the previous season.

This summer, prints make a strong comeback as steadily seen both on the runway and in the streets. Prints are basic, but always have an eye-catching effect that breathes new vitality to any outfit.

Fashion designers are releasing collections inspired by summer blooms in combination with bright color schemes. In order to accentuate each of its delicate detail, the flowers are arranged strikingly throughout the shirt or dress, against dark or light-colored backdrops.

Within the fashion industry, floral prints have long been regarded as the characteristic pattern for women, granting them with irresistible enchantment and glamour. There is no reason not to own a floral dress which, when worn, makes you look even more beautiful and draws all gazes at parties, outings or even at work.

Floral maxi dresses are the best option for modern women because of their elegant and refined appearance. For a bolder look, opt for a dress with larger flower prints spread out wide and double strapped to give off youthful, natural and classic impression.

And don’t just stop there, you can also transform your style by choosing pieces that harmonize both patterns and colors to embody the free-spirit and independent demeanor of new-generation girls. If you are in search of graceful floral dresses to make your own this summer, don’t miss out these tips above.