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Every wardrobe needs a set of basics. This is one tip I wish I acted upon sooner when building my ideal wardrobe. I knew that having a few staple items would make a difference when choosing outfits, but I didn’t realize how great of an impact it would make. Here is a list of five items the should be in everyone’s wardrobe.


A plain t-shirt will never go out of style. Personally, I prefer a white tee. Whether it be a V-neck or crew, a t-shirt is the ultimate layering piece. It can easily be worn with jeans or used as a layering item under a sweater or a jacket. For a casual look, jeans go perfectly with a tee, but try tucking it into a skirt.


Another daily go-to item in my wardrobe is a great pair of jeans. As much as I prefer to wear shorts or a dress, jeans are always a great option. They’re easy to move in and they can be worn with sweaters and sneakers for a casual look. Finding the perfect fit for your body shape and style must be considered. My favorites are boyfriend-style jeans for comfort and versatility. Skinny jeans in a darker wash is always a great option because they can easily be dressed up and they’re flattering.

Leather jacket

For an outerwear piece that can be worn several ways, invest in a moto leather jacket. A great leather jacket is my favorite wardrobe staple. A pleather jacket is a great alternative, as well. It can be worn almost daily with jeans and sneakers or boots. Real leather gets softer and better with wear, which adds longevity to a wardrobe. Find one that fits your shoulders because the fit makes the biggest difference. If you’re looking to layer a sweater underneath, you may want to size up.

1607-5WARDROBE-1Black purse

I can’t live without my black purse. Something to consider when purchasing one is the size and use. A cross-body style that goes from day to night is ideal because it will make an outfit change seamless. Wear it with a dress for a night out or during the day with shorts.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a must for me. They are a timeless item that I return to consistently regardless of the season. Whether they’re black or brown, finding a great pair of boots is important. Comfort is definitely something to consider. I would suggest a quality leather pair, that will last through the years. Wear them with jeans tucked in, cuffed, or with a dress.

Wear these five items together, or mix and match them. Once you have your basics, it is so much easier to assemble outfits and they will not disappoint you.