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Who isn’t faced with that gnawing question “What do I wear?” on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Thankfully, social media has come to the rescue and it is easy to access ideas and research on the latest fashion trends. Following are five bloggers who will save you time and anxiety. Whether you’re a nine-to-five office worker, a show-stopping fashionista, or a down-to-earth dresser, these blogs will inspire you to put your best self forward.

Trang Huynh

Instagram: @behindseams

Trang Huynh, based in Florida, is the creative genius behind the blog and Instagram account Behind the Seams. Her style is sporty-casual, relaxed, and warm weather ready. Other than her impeccable closet, look on with envy as she captures her scenic hikes, clear skies and sandy beaches, and especially her adorable pup, Chowder. As well as fashion, her blog includes tips on beauty, DIY projects, and travel.

Juley Le

Instagram: @juleytl

Juley Le is a New Orleans local and her lifestyle blog adopts a simple, no pressure perspective on life. Read her posts and you’ll understand why they call her city the Big Easy. Juley dresses preppy, work-casual, but always comfortable. Along with great style, you can expect to see lively streets, a zesty foodscape and spirited, fun-loving people.

Kim Le

Instagram: @laceandlocks

Kim Le resides in South California where she founded her blog Lace and Locks. She runs two photography studios and an online shopping boutique. Scrolling through her feed, you will lust over her wardrobe comprising elegant dresses and fancy skirts. This diva dresses like there’s a wedding she needs to attend every day. She also frequently shares sales from her label, from other labels, and discount codes on her Instagram.


Instagram: @iamkhatu

This fashionista goes by the name Khatu and is currently studying fashion design in Boston. Her outfits range from ladylike minimalism to full-on gala formal. In either case, there’s a trendy combination of bold colors, textured fabrics, and print-on-prints. On her Instagram, catch a glimpse of her own designs which are runway ready. She travels frequently and it is fun to follow her adventures through her photos.

Van Le

Instagram: @forevervanny

Van Le’s offers a brilliant mix of street-meets-Hollywood-glam, reflective of her New York City location. She describes her style as “chic, polished, and a little bit of contrast between delicate details and a tomboy-ish vibe.” The city is known for its hustle and bustle but Van manages to capture a somber, almost serene side of life. Van’s photos of social lunches, dinners and cafe visits will have you starving for more feed.