By Rebecca Butkevicius

Here is a selection of 7 nail art looks that will stay fresh and will make you stand out throughout the festive Chinese New Year.

shimmer paint drip nail art1. Sophisticate version of French tips

Dress up your digits with this simple and sophisticated holiday manicure glitter polish and geometric design.




2. The classic little black dress

This festive combo is far from cliché and it matches your nails to your favorite black dress.




pink valentine's day nail3. Shine bright like a diamond

This geometric manicure takes the polish staple to the next level bringing it to sparkling dimensions.




spring blossoms nail art4. Festive Cherry Blossom

Here a beautiful way to celebrate nature on your nails with decals.




fresh spring nail art5. 3D Daisy

If you have not given 3D nail art a try, this is the time to give it a shot! Start out with something simple and chic, like these beautiful daisy flowers and pearls.



winter snowflake nail
6. Shimmering Snowflakes

Here a beautiful way to elevate a clear manicure with festive gradient glitters and delicate snowflakes.




bamboo chinese lunar nail7. Bamboo

These nails are so delicate and pretty, they look like beautiful watercolor painting on nails.