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Fall is a romantic season and a desirable time to set out on long-haul journeys to explore a new land. To make the most of autumn travel, a good choice would be Singapore. Why? Because the festivals reflect the unique cultural essence of the country. Between September and December, visitors are draped in a one-of-a-kind festival atmosphere in this city state.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Singapore is a multiracial country and Chinese make up 72 per cent of the population. More than half of the festivals hosted in Singapore are Chinese. The mid-Autumn Festival is the largest festival to be hosted in Chinatown. There are dazzling shades and shapes of red lanterns and various traditional Chinese foods to sample including moon cakes, steamed glutinous rice balls, wonton noodles and glutinous cakes. This festival is quite similar to the mid-Autumn version in Vietnam. It is held on the night of the full moon in Lunar August, there are paper lanterns and traditional foods.

Vietnamese expats in Sinapore who attend the mid-Autumn Festival can be torn by homesickness. They’d prefer to be in Vietnam to celebrate.

However, this festival can ease their yearning  as it is quite similar to their homeland’s. Expats often join in celebrations at the Vietnamese embassy where children take part in painting contests, folk games, music performances and marches of star shaped lanterns.

Mr. Lawrence Kai Hoo, a Singaporean, notes: “The mid-Autumn Festival is a good thing that binds people together and reunites families. My wife is Vietnamese, and I love her because of this. For me, the mid-Autumn festival reminds me of how moon cakes and red lanterns are made, and these are also what I experienced during my childhood. It’s such a great thing to be here, to join the mid-Autumn festival with her and meet our wonderful Vietnamese friends.”

Indian Deepavali – the Light Festival

This Hindu ritual is also one of the largest festivals in Singapore. Hindu Singaporeans clean and decorate their homes with a variety of lights in a wide array of colours. In particular, many exciting festivities take place and attract onlookers, including lantern releases, fairs, countdown concerts, and displays of souvenirs and handicrafts.

If you want to be under a sky full of light, take part in the Deepavali. There are lots of sweet treats unique to this festival, such as green bean candies, fried dough with syrup, lentil cakes and rice crackers. Henna tattooing is also part of the festival.

Malaysian Hari Raya Festival

Hari Raya is a Muslim festival that marks the end of the vegetarian Ramadan month. A vast array of traditional Malaysian delicacies are served, including rendang, lengman, lontong, crackers, satay, ketupat and pineapple tarts. Vibrant art performances are hosted including the Puteri Gunung Ledang musical, Laksar Pelangi, Sayang Di Sayang and Matah Ati.

The fall is a season of memories and splendid feelings. A trip to Singapore pleases the heart and makes for an exciting autumn. Consider crossing Singapore off your bucket list this season.