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Excitement dominates August with the announcement of 7 Culture© Scholarship winners, each winning $2,000 worth of academic financial support from Dr. Bao Vo of TMJ Sleep Dental. In addition, 2 talented photographers will win 2 amazing Sony cameras, each worth over $500, from our gracious sponsor Downtown Camera.

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We are very excited to feature new writers, new columns and new topics in this electrifying issue. We are focused on delivering to you not only entertaining but informative and useful articles that can help improve the quality of life for our readers. From your head to your toes, on the inside and out, for the shy nerd and the beauty seeker that are both equally you, we celebrate the many facets of life and cultural varieties.

Our mission is three dimensional: Explore, Experience, Embrace; and in this issue, we add a fourth dimension: Excite(ment)!

Have a great multi-dimensional read!