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Sudden, chilly breezes at this time of year mean winter is on its way. These winds stroke our heart strings with nostalgia and remind us to prepare for the busy season ahead. The November issue of Culture Magazin brings you articles on cultural events and health tips to embrace as we head into the wintry chill.
Our fashion story, “A Naughty Glimpse,” looks at the past and the future and strikes a deep chord with Vietnam International Fashion Week.
Beauty and health columns focus on eye care in the winter, and valuable advice from our family physician, Doctor Khoi Nguyen, on balancing a hectic office life with healthy choices. If you want to lose weight, read his recommendations about adopting a vegan diet twice a week.
The psychology column offers an insightful approach to several aspects of spirituality and the meaning of life as understood in our daily routines.
Asian-inspired designs and ideas on how to plan a perfect kitchen incorporating Feng Shui are featured in the Living section of the magazine.
Our November issue also introduces you to some must-visit destinations for winter travel. Take a journey back in time and see old Ha Noi, Hue, and Saigon, the invaluable remnants of old heritages of each city that are not to be missed.
We hope you experience a delightful season filled with happiness, nostalgia and fond memories.