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There is no denying that digital technology is revolutionizing the world. But in the back of my mind I have some questions. Will hardcopy print products be around in the future? Or will we get rid of them? If not, why not? I found the answer I was looking for at Magnet Canada’s Magazine Conference last month. “If the print magazine did not exist, we would invent this product. Because nothing that we do in media engages people in the same way that print products do,” Ken Hunt, a publisher at Toronto Life magazine told us during his presentation. I share with him the same passion for this traditional form of communication, even as I learn to adapt to the “internet of things.”
We at Culture Magazin are proud to publish the only English and Vietnamese magazine of its kind, informing, exploring and preserving Canadian, American and Vietnamese cultures.
As part of the Canadian summer tradition, this issue takes you to Canada’s beautiful wilderness to relax and breathe fresh, clean air at Viamede Resort. We also join Canadians across the country and around the world and share a pride in history, culture and achievements as we explore the historic region around Brock’s Monument.
This is a time to enjoy the outdoors and show off your physique. If you find it hard to fit exercise into an already crammed schedule, like me, go to our health section and learn how 10 minutes a day will change your life. Dr. Khoi Nguyen shares the astonishing results of a new study about high-intensity interval training. While we are talking about health, did you know that green tea is the best drink to cool you down on hot summer days? Why has green tea gained so much popularity? Some of us drink it every day but don’t know about the benefits or best brewing instructions. Read on as our doctor of traditional medicine shares his knowledge of this popular drink.
As always, we bring to your kitchen some unique Vietnamese recipes. “Bếp nhà cô Ba Xứ Quảng,” top 3 Masterchef Vietnam, shares her delicious signature and winning dishes. As well, enjoy the healthy Vegan Asian Wraps from
To prepare for your summer activities, flip through our fashion pages and be inspired with some fun looks for men put together by Shaun Marq, our fashion director. We also have a seductive collection for women. Want to know what the wardrobe essentials are for the season? Check out the suggestions from two must-follow Vietnamese fashion and style bloggers.
Enjoy the summer everyone!

Ann Nguyen

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Ann Nguyen
Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, Culture Magazin© Ann holds a Bachelor's Degree from McMaster University and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Toronto. She is also currently managing director of Share Your Love Relief Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to helping the underprivileged and is an avid supporter of many charitable endeavours. She believes the duty of preserving and promoting the culture rest upon her generation, the 1.5 generation and therefore, she has co-founded Culture Magazin© with its mission to bridge East and West be a facilitator of cultural exchange for both sides.