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Spring is the season of love and is the inspiration for works of art. And art is almost always beautiful. Is it true that love and beauty share something in common? As spring comes, everything is blooming, and loving hearts are filled with hope.

In early spring days, Hmong maidens will dress themselves up to attend a ‘love market’ in Moc Chau. Called a market, but the place sees no buyers or sellers, people just seek to exchange glances, loving words and hearts with each other once they find a mate with whom to spend the rest of their life. The market is exclusive for dates and exchanges of affections dictated by the long-standing customs of upland people.

All over the world, lovers try to buy themselves love locks in hope for an eternity love. We can easily encounter, in any big cities from Brooklyn in New York, Westminster Bridge in London near the Parliament of the United Kingdom, to Accademia Bridge that crosses the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy…, radiant and flamboyant love locks.

Springtime is not merely for love, as people also start to nurture their passion to conquer new peaks of life: “if your heart is attached to something, then your mind will be attached to it. Once you have a passion for something, you tend not only be better at it, but you work harder at it too.” For world famous designer of wedding gowns, Vera Wang, it was the passion that cemented the success of her career.

Beauty has no boundaries in genres. It’s time for fans of architecture to explore the world beauty of Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, an influential design and one of the most crucial inspirations in the history of French architecture. Simply a vacation in Palm Springs will bring you the sun drenched sky, a golden chance to see celebrities and mid-of-the-century fashion styles.

Spring is meant to instill vitality in every being. The warmth of the spring is spreading through every single leaf, branch or grass. Her soft breaths gently swift through street corners, fly all over towns and sneak through to deeply touch our hearts.

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