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Ann Nguyen - Editor in chief

After the frosty chills of winter, spring sunshine is greeted with much anticipation and excitement. Look closely and you will see the sparkle of fresh, morning dew lingering on new blooms. Spring is always so full of life!

Miss Vietnam Dang Thu Thao, who shines with elegant beauty, is on our cover this issue. Crowned in 2012, Dang Thu Thao has since attracted the attention of, and inspired, many young fans every time she makes an appearance. Her ethereal loveliness and sophisticated fashion sense is head-turning!

Wash away those winter blues with beauty tips from our experts who show you how to bring a spring glow back to your face. Flip the page to the vibrant Spring It On fashion spread capturing the fashion and spirit of the 80’s and you may find some new inspiration. Loved the spread? Flip to page 95 and take a peek at the amazing post-production illustrations by artist Anna Peng who came out to our shoot.

This issue, we’re introducing the new ‘Ask the Expert’ column with promises to bring you lots of beneficial tips for your daily life.

Join travelers who, in the warming April air, stroll through the historic gardens of Philadelphia. Take a road trip along Ontario’s Loyalist Parkway to explore a part of Canada’s early history. Make a journey to the Far East to visit the Forgotten Land, the first sand park in Vietnam. Don’t forget to try the local delicacies offered in every region along the way. Remember when president Obama tried ‘bun cha’ in Hanoi and made that restaurant instantly famous? Bun cha is the beautifully simple but must-try street food in Hanoi.

During the month of April, have a peaceful time with your loved ones as you gather around for Easter dinner.

I hope that this month spring is in your steps!


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Ann Nguyen

Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, Culture Magazin©
Ann holds a Bachelor’s Degree from McMaster University and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Toronto. She is also currently managing director of Share Your Love Relief Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to helping the underprivileged and is an avid supporter of many charitable endeavours. She believes the duty of preserving and promoting the culture rest upon her generation, the 1.5 generation and therefore, she has co-founded Culture Magazin© with its mission to bridge East and West be a facilitator of cultural exchange for both sides.