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In Las Vegas, my fine dining choice was clear and simple: DJT restaurant at the Trump hotel. DJT offers a menu of American favorites ranging from filet mignon to gourmet hamburgers and homemade pasta dishes– all comprising of fresh seasonal ingredients and elegant preparations.

Situated directly off the hotel lobby, DJT restaurant exudes an inviting and opulent ambiance in shades of royal purple and gray. Cushy circular banquettes situated below a warmly lit column evoke an intimate setting. Privacy is paramount as tables are spaciously arranged and cozy booths with velvet curtains along the peripheral walls are available to ensure privacy. Chef Sydney L. Jones, a leading chef at five-star hotels and resorts for more than 10 years, brings his progressive techniques and preference for Italian influences to the menu at DJT.

The delicious and varied appetizer selections include seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Chilean Rope Mussel, and grilled white asparagus. I chose a deliciously prepared Ahi Tuna Prudo with avocado mousse and strawberries in a Yuzu vinaigrette sauce. My entrée, the Mediterranean Skin-on Sea Bass with blistered tomato, arugula and crispy capers, was full of flavourful and so fresh. It was the best sea bass dish I have tried. DJT’s staff was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable about the menu sections and can recommend savory dishes that may not catch your attention. I asked my server to recommend a glass of wine to compliment my entrée. He paired it perfectly with my meal. In fact, I will order the same Cabaret wine for a similar dish in the future. The attentive restaurant manager, Angelica Lee, stopped by our curtained booth several times to make sure our dining needs were fulfilled. It’s hard not to feel special while dining at DJT. The dinner portions were generous, though the dessert menu of freshly baked sweets was hard to resist. We tried the pumpkin custard, which was a scrumptious way to complete the fine meal. Since the Trump International hotel is not on the main boulevard, DJT doesn’t have the noisy foot traffic of other dining establishments. Nonetheless, it has garnered a growing reputation for its fine cuisine. Once you experience a meal at DJT, it is easy to see why guests go out of their way to dine here.