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Choosing where to go for date night or deciding what movie to watch can lead to disagreements, let alone tackling the discussion and ultimately the decision of how to decorate your home. Having a home that reflects your ideas and personal style takes communication, organization, and compromise.  As a couple you need to assess (and agree on!) what works for you both.

A house should be a haven for those that dwell inside. When designing or re-designing a space, the challenge and the goal is to appease everyone’s interests and well-being.  Here are some suggestions:

Try to make decisions together. Just as with any other activity, work out your schedules so you can choose your décor as a team.

Find a balance with masculine and feminine characteristics and incorporate a mix of individual favourites and preferences.  The style and size of your furniture, and even your light fixtures, needs to be carefully considered.  A well designed space is about detail. Keep an open mind with your selections.  A room can have an intricate chandelier and still feel masculine, just as a room can have robust, rustic furniture and still have a feminine quality.

There are hundreds of hues to choose from when selecting your wall color, finishes and furniture. If you decide to keep your walls and furniture in neutral colors you can add pops of personality with accessories. Neutral does not necessarily mean beige, black or white.  Navy, grey, green and yellow are other popular colors that don’t have a gender specific association.

For some couples, the approach to a home full of happiness may be to have designated areas. If you have a passionate hobby or work from home, accommodating areas that are custom designed, might be in order.  A craft/sewing space, office, or a man cave are common examples.  In close quarters, such as condos or homes without a garage or basement, space is at a premium so delegation needs to be carefully considered and organized.

Where you can, double up.  If possible, go with two sinks in the en suite and two closets in the bedroom.

Frame interesting prints from the places you have travelled together or places you would like to go.  Any topic that interests you both can work for this project and add a unique and personalized feature to your home.

Take an eclectic approach by mixing and matching masculine and feminine prints. For example have plaid and floral accent cushions on the couch or in the bedroom.  As trends change and your own personal style evolves, it is easier to switch out artwork and accents than to repaint a whole house or reupholster all your furniture.

Do a themed room, agree on an idea and have fun with it.  Go to flea markets, yard sales, and search the Internet together for those perfect pieces that will bring the theme to life.