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Fireplaces have come a long way. Wood burning and traditional open-hearth options have existed for centuries and ethanol fireplaces are one of the newest additions. Indoor, outdoor, built-in or portable, there is a fireplace for every preference and there is no shortage of style or materials to choose from.  Fireplaces are now equipped with a variety of burning elements, that range from ceramic logs (that have the appearance of real burning logs and embers) to a modern look featuring a flickering flame on a bed of glass beads. Visit a local fireplace showroom for expertise and inspiration.

For some homes, electrical fireplaces are a popular choice.  This style is easily incorporated into a space because there is no flame and venting isn’t required.

Gas fireplaces burn natural gas and require a switch to turn it on and off.  This option can emit a substantial amount of heat, and is available with or without a vent.  The vented option is constructed similarly to traditional wood-burning fireplaces and vented through a chimney.  The no-vent option can be placed against internal walls as long as gas can be brought to the location.

Ethanol fireplaces do not require any venting, making them a portable option. They can be used almost anywhere in the house or on the patio. Drawbacks are they provide less heat than gas fireplaces, and require refills.