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Holiday season is upon us, so that means getting your home ready for parties and guests. The first step to a great space is getting organized.  Make your home entertainment-ready with these suggested solutions.

Embrace Feng Shui and harmonize the energies within your home. Implementing adequate and proper storage solutions in each room will dramatically assist in aligning energy and let it flow freely, diminishing clutter and chaos.  What you bring into a space, how items are arranged and maintained, plays a role in creating a healthy balance within the home.

Surround yourself with beauty and items with meaning by weaving them into a display.  Showcase items that give you joy. By admiring and reflecting on the memory, you will send joy back into the room.

Use LED (or other energy efficient) lighting to emphasize key areas.  Lighting your organizational space provides functionality, and showcases the customized components.

Additional storage is always hard to come by so create a tailored space customized to your needs and personal style.  Life is hectic and it is important to set yourself up for organizational success.  Often it seems like an area is not big enough, especially if it is a high traffic mud room, family room or kitchen.  You don’t necessarily need more space, however it needs to work with you, not against you.

Display your favourite personalized items and hide clutter in a pinch with a mix of open and closed shelving components. Deep drawers are great for hiding kids’ toys, pet items, or whatever you might need to temporarily tuck away when expecting company on short notice.  Solid panel doors are a great solution for hiding shelves if you have a tendency to be disorderly.

What is great about customized storage is you can get creative and the options seem to be limitless. Small space, big space, wine bar, craft room, laundry room, office, or walk-in closet, the opportunity to optimize and organize is there. No closet, no problem. Don’t forget about the garage!

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