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Summer is lingering outside our backyards, tiptoeing inside our homes, and scattering itself all over the pages of this fresh edition of Culture Magazin©. As the front cover of Actress Truong Ngoc Anh suggests, we want to encourage you to embrace the great outdoors and go soak up the sunshine, with UV protected sunglasses and high SFP sunblock, of course.In this issue, our living experts share landscaping tips and Feng-shui advices for your gardens to get your space ready for afternoon summer BBQs and patio social nights. In the health section, Dr. Khoi gives you a legitimate reason to spend at least an hour outdoors every day.

In the interculture sections, author Hoang Chinh retells the enchanting story of the Midnight Sun, while travel correspondent Vernon Chang transports you to the sunny city of Vancouver, and suggests a wide array of outdoor activities you can undertake.

So, spend as much time outdoors as you can and take us along with you. Snap a photo of you enjoying the sun with Culture and email it to us at for your chance to be featured in the Pictory column. Don’t forget to send in your Culture Photo Contest entry for your chance to win one of these two great prizes: A Sony XR 100 II camera and a Sony XR 100 III camera.

We wish you a lovely summer with lots of dandelions in your hair and glistening sweat on your skin.

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