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Finely shaved ice mixed with buttery ice cream and unique toppings results is a popular Korean dessert  called bingsu. This  snack is served in Korean restaurants and cafés around the world including in Vietnam. In Korea, bingsu covered in red bean sauce is called classic bingsu. It is also available with different toppings that meet diverse demands of gourmands.

The main ingredients are shaved ice and creamy sweet sauce. Toppings depend on the creativity of the maker and can include cookies, fruit, ice cream, candies, chocolate, or matcha. One look at these lovely confections and  your mouth starts watering.

Traditional or classic bingsu, the  most familiar type for Korean people, is served with rice crackers. Simple as it may seem, the flavor of cool, milky cream, red beans and a crisp cracker is delicious.

Cheese bingsu is shaved ice and cheesecake crumbs, crunchy hazelnuts and several types of decorative fruit. The buttery cheese flavour stimulates the palate, and the cold temperature makes it  a unique culinary sensation. If you are fond of natural tastes, try matcha bingsu. A thin veil of green tea powder (matcha) coats the shaved ice and is topped with your choice of cereal. This is a favourite of gourmands who want simplicity and refinement.

Fruit bingsu is made of natural fruit juice and shaved ice. Toppings vary wildly.  Fresh and popular choices are mango, strawberry and watermelon. Additional types of fruit can be mixed in a single bowl. Another awesome combination is fluffy angel cake covered with cascading shaved ice and creative toppings. Some cafés serve  one-of-a-kind concoctions such as bingsu with cocoa, milk, cherry flowers or popcorn. Each café dazzles their guests with endless surprises. The options are many and marvelous.

It is quite easy to spot this dessert in most Korean café or patisseries. Bingsu has enticed massive attention from the young because it is tasty and visually charming. Originally an exclusive dessert for aristocrats, bingsu is not inexpensive. However, it is worth the money. Without a doubt, bingsu is a fantastic choice when you want to treat yourself and cool off on a hot summer day.