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CND is a globally renowned nail and beauty supplier whose success is largely based on the determination to provide clients with innovative products that continue to revolutionize the nail salon industry. They have been supplying nail salons with reliable, high-performance products and educational services for over 35 years, and continue to surpass their competitors in the race for the best state-of-the-art technology and nail products on the market. Here is a look at some of their top sellers.

CND VinyLux
CND VinyLux

Vinylux Weekly Polish has revolutionized nail polish as we know it because of its patent-pending pro-lite technology. Once exposed to natural light, the polish becomes more durable and will last up to one week without the need to apply a basecoat! There are 76 fashion runway inspired colours to choose from. Each polish comes highly pigmented and dries within seconds.

Your hands work very hard every day, so they too deserve a day at the spa, just like you! There are four products in this most delicious Almond Spamanicure Collection that will have your hands thanking you afterwards.

Almond Hydrating Lotion
  1. Almond Milk Bath
    The Almond Milk Bath is a warm-oil moisture bath for your hands and nails that will keep your hands looking more youthful and moist.
  2. Almond Illuminating Masque
    This masque is a deep conditioner for your hands and nails. It has an alluring shimmer, leaving your hands looking illuminated and refined.
  3. Almond Moisture Scrub
    The Almond Moisture Scrub consists of mineral salts and jojoba soft-beads that will gently polish your nails, remove dead skin cells, and promote the production of new skin cells.
  4. Almond Hydrating Lotion
    This hand lotion is non-oily, fast-absorbing, and contains the moisturizing and healing powers of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.


Enriched with botanicals and sea salts, the SPAPEDICURE system will give your feet the attention they have been waiting for. There are four products in total and each can be used independently, but for the best results, use the entire collection as a foot treatment for yourself and for your customers.

  1. Marine Mineral Bath
    This mineral foot bath helps to reduce inflammation of your poor feet, and helps soften the dry skin around your heels and toes.
  2. SolarOilCarton

    Marine Salt Scrub
    This scrub helps to further condition your feet by removing the thicker layers of dry skin around your heels and is gentle enough to use on your legs, preventing ingrown hairs. This fantastic scrub leaves your skin feeling polished and refined.

  3. Marine Cooling Masque
    This mineral clay masque is such a lovely treat for your tired feet. The hydrating sea extracts and botanicals will leave your skin feeling refreshed and tingling with life.
  4. Marine Hydrating Oil
    This non-greasy oil can be used as a daily preventative treatment to keep your feet moisturized and soft throughout the day.

This award winning nail and cuticle treatment oil contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. It is designed to penetrate the skin’s surface, providing deep conditioning and protection for your nails and cuticles. Repeated use of the SolarOil will strengthen your nails over time and prevent drying and cracking of cuticles. This oil absorbs instantly into your skin, leaving behind a faint scent of almonds and no sticky residue.