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Approximately 50 attendees including applicants, last year’s winners, high school students, and parents were present at the Culture Magazin© Scholarship Award Ceremony on August 27, 2015, held at the Vietnamese Women Association of Toronto’s office (VWAT).

Mrs. Ann Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief of Culture Magazin© commenced the program by talking about the importance of preserving and promoting the Vietnamese as well as Canadian cultures, and education being an essential component of any culture. As the financial sponsor of this year’s scholarships, Dentist Bao Vo shared valuable advice on how to work smart – not just work hard – to the attending students. Mrs. Hieu To from VWAT also shared information about the soft skills students need to be successful in their studies and future careers.

Last year winners: Stacey, Richard, Andy and Jennifer also spoke and shared insightful tips on relevant topics such as balancing school life, following your passion, making friends in university, time management…

Following the speeches, the winners of this year’s scholarships were announced: Maggie Hong of University of Toronto, Kim Vu of MacMaster University, Max Hoang of Ryerson University, Timothy Nguyen of the University of Guelph, Andy Ly and James Vu.

We would like to thank the Vietnamese Women Association of Toronto for co-hosting this special Scholarship Award Ceremony. Special thanks to all the winners, past and present, and the parents for their wonderful participation in furthering cultural exchange and encouraging academic pursuit.

The Culture Magazin© Scholarship Program, sponsored by Dentist Bao Vo of TMJ Sleep Dental, is a special scholarship for 1st year university students (and those that have won, are given an opportunity to renew in their 2nd year). This is the second year the program has been offered. We look forward to receiving applications for its third year in 2016.