Late summer is the perfect time to make a hair transition and be style-ready for fall. I trusted the job to celebrity colorist, Kim Vo, and top stylist Mika Fowler, in Beverly Hills.

“Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you because it frames your face,” said Mika, a freestyle dry cut specialist and master of red carpet up dos with more than 25 years of experience.  “It’s very important to get the right cut and color to bring your best face forward.”

After Mika worked her magic, I was pleased to have a much shorter, modern bob with light, bouncy layers.  Next I asked Kim, whose celebrity clients include Camila Alves, XiXi Yang and Joanna Krupa, for color tips.  Here are his answers to some of my questions:

What are the latest color trends?

“Babylights and bright colors are here to stay, so dip-dye with vibrant hues such as blue, green and pink. “Ronze,” a blend of copper red and bronze brown is also having a moment. If you are color courageous, play with Opal, a relative of the gray/silver hair trend, that is softer and warmer.”

Do you think any of the top trends look good on Asian hair? 

Dip-dye colors look great on Asian hair because the bright colors pop. Babylights add dimension to Asian hair because they lighten locks – without making a color commitment. They create natural, child-like highlights throughout hair, keeping it subtle, soft and fresh. Babylights with a bob cut help frame and accentuate the face.”

What should you keep in mind when making a drastic hair color change?  

Lifestyle and maintenance are the two most important factors to consider when changing hair color.  Bright colors require more upkeep as they fade faster and need to be retouched more regularly.  Occupation should also be taken into consideration when choosing alternative colors.”

For Asians who have never colored their naturally dark hair, what should they keep in mind?   

It’s important to know that color will change the texture of your hair. Smooth and glossy hair is hard to come by!  Regrowth maintenance for greys will need to be scheduled every four to six weeks.”

What’s the best way to choose a colorist and avoid disastrous results?

“When choosing a colorist, research is key. Ask people who have the type of color or look that you want, who their colorist is.  When you find a colorist, ask to see pictures of their work and most importantly, schedule a consultation.  This will give you the chance to develop a good rapport and make you feel more comfortable.”