When Emotions Get the Better of You

Having emotional control does not mean being unemotional. Emotions are the spice of your existence. They give variety and flavor to life. The last thing you want to do is become like Mr. Spock...

De-clutter for a Happy Home

One of the issues that many couples fight about is clutter around the house. The old saying “One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure” definitely applies here. What constitutes good mental and emotional health, in...

Wise Decisions for a Successful Life

Q: I keep making bad decisions and screwing things up. Can you help me to make better decisions and have a more successful life? A: It’s possible that you have made significant decisions hastily without considering more...
The Truth about Procrastination

The Truth about Procrastination

Q  There are a lot of things I want to do in life but I never get around to them. What do you suggest?  ­– Pam the Procrastinator A Sometimes procrastination comes from problems managing priorities and...

Self Interest Or Selfishness? The Secret To Greater Happiness

To achieve greater happiness you must learn how to act and react to people and situations. The trick is to learn self-interest without selfishness. One avenue to healthy self-interest is first to trust in yourself....

Want to Make a Difficult Change? Just do it!

Q: I want to lose weight, quit smoking and get fit but I find it hard. I don’t feel well because of my bad habits and it is just no fun. What do you...

What’s Your Relationship IQ?

Q: I have had three long-term relationships but not long after they got started I had difficulties including on-going arguments and disagreements about what we were going to do on the weekend. It’s always the...

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