10 Activities That Affect Your Brain

There are certain habits that seem harmless yet create changes inside our brains. Daily living habits, including diet and routines can seriously impact the...
Chamomile Tea

Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

For Asians, fall is associated with the mid-autumn festival. On the night of the full moon, enjoying a cup of chamomile tea is a...

Pomegranate: A Healthy Fruit For Everyone

The scientific name of pomegranate is Puni-cagranatum L.. The fruit is the size of a human fist, with thick skin and many seeds that...

Pack a Healthy Lunch for Back to School

The excitement of going back to school is in the air, and it’s important to get your kids pumped about eating a healthy lunch....

What You Need To Know About Medical and Cosmetic Laser Therapy

The acronym laser stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.’ A ray of white light consists of seven different colors but there is only...

Accelerate Your Workout

Everyone desires health and beauty, especially in the summer when the layers of clothing peel back and you can show off your physique. But...

Green Tea Benefits Of A Popular Drink

Hot or cool tea, which one cools you down? A British research centre chose a very hot day (40oC) to conduct an experiment in which...

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe in the Sun

Summertime is all about long days at the beach, picnics in the park, and backyard barbeques. But as much as we love being out...
The Truth about Procrastination

The Truth about Procrastination

Q  There are a lot of things I want to do in life but I never get around to them. What do you suggest?  ­–...

Dark Chocolate Is A ‘Best Friend’ Of Diabetes

Perhaps one day during a checkup, I will write you a prescription for chocolate. It’s possible. Recent research shows that a moderate intake of...

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