Dark Chocolate Is A ‘Best Friend’ Of Diabetes

Perhaps one day during a checkup, I will write you a prescription for chocolate. It’s possible. Recent research shows that a moderate intake of...

I Spy with My Little Eye… A Bug That Can’t Be Squished

Have you ever noticed little specks or squiggly shapes moving around in your vision? You may find yourself using your hands to swat away...

Watermelons The Uncrowned King Of Summer Fruits

In these summer days as we are out sweltered and thirsty, to consume some watermelon makes us feel so chilled, sweet and quenched. Because watermelons...

The Power Of Mantras, A Tool To Unite Sound With Body And Mind

Reading mantras in Sanskrit can be intimidating, but the good news is you do not have to memorize a sonnet-length mantra to achieve positive...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Among Children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) In the previous issue, we browsed through some expressions and symptoms that define children with ADHD. ADHD is endemic amongst...

Self Interest Or Selfishness? The Secret To Greater Happiness

To achieve greater happiness you must learn how to act and react to people and situations. The trick is to learn self-interest without selfishness. One...

Mustard Greens: Healthy Food To Cool Down Your Body

Mustard greens vegetable soup is a favorable dish cooked by many homemakers, however, not many people are aware of their health benefits. Mustard greens, also...

Are You Itching For Spring Weather?

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring… allergy season. Eye allergies are often triggered by the same irritants that cause seasonal allergies...
Kohlrabi / Xu Hào

KOHLRABI – Remedy For Winter Diseases

Kohlrabi is a kind of vegetable that originates from Europe. Nowadays, this vegetable is planted all around the world, especially in the winter. Besides,...

Want to Make a Difficult Change? Just do it!

Q: I want to lose weight, quit smoking and get fit but I find it hard. I don’t feel well because of my bad...

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