How Screen Time Affects Our Eyes

By Dr. Amy Cheng and Dr. Michelle Ly As technology advances and becomes more integrated into our everyday lives, many of us are spending more...

Health Benefits of Chicken Tendons

By Hoang Duy Tan In the United States, chicken is a very popular food, but people usually only consume the breast. They forget about the...

The Legend of Rice Grains

Once upon a time, a widow and her young child lived together in a little house. The woman took great care of her child,...

De-clutter for a Happy Home

One of the issues that many couples fight about is clutter around the house. The old saying “One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure”...

Wise Decisions for a Successful Life

Q: I keep making bad decisions and screwing things up. Can you help me to make better decisions and have a more successful life? A: It’s possible...
NEW YORK FASHION WEEK - Photos Courtesy of Beauty Press

How to Get Your Spring Glow On

By:  Dr. Benjamin Barankin, MD FRCPC As we exit the winter months, many of us might be suffering from dry, flakey skin. This is due...
For A Better Brain

For A Better Brain

In stark contrast with a universal belief  that bad memory only happens to the elderly, you may be surprised to learn that people of...
How Meditation Helps Overcome Trauma

How Meditation Helps Overcome Trauma

In my practice, both in the west and abroad, I have worked with patients who have experienced significant traumatic events such as the mass...

11 Surprising Beauty Secrets Of Eggs

In the Lunar calendar, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. Chicken is a popular domesticated species and also a key source of food...

Connect Through Partner Yoga

Partner yoga provides the opportunity to be in an interdependent relationship. Unlike some yoga, where one person is doing the yoga posture and another...

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