Cool Health Benefits of Pennywort

Dizzied by the broiling sun, we find relief  inside and out by drinking ground pennywort smoothies. Besides its cooling functions the plant also boasts a number of little known benefits. Pennywort is alternatively known as...

Health Benefits of Chicken Tendons

By Hoang Duy Tan In the United States, chicken is a very popular food, but people usually only consume the breast. They forget about the thighs and feet. Chicken legs (particularly the tendons), once processed,...

The Legend of Rice Grains

Once upon a time, a widow and her young child lived together in a little house. The woman took great care of her child, cosseted him, worked hard to raise him and expected filial...
How Meditation Helps Overcome Trauma

How Meditation Helps Overcome Trauma

In my practice, both in the west and abroad, I have worked with patients who have experienced significant traumatic events such as the mass displacement and disruption caused by war as well as personal...

11 Surprising Beauty Secrets Of Eggs

In the Lunar calendar, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. Chicken is a popular domesticated species and also a key source of food for people. Almost everyone, regardless of their financial means, have...

Connect Through Partner Yoga

Partner yoga provides the opportunity to be in an interdependent relationship. Unlike some yoga, where one person is doing the yoga posture and another is assisting, partner yoga poses are mutually beneficial. Let's take...

Love, Salted Coffee and Your Health

When we speak of love and marriage, we often recount the popular “salted coffee” story. The story happened long ago but its meaning is still relevant today. There was a beautiful, glamorous woman at  a...

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

According to the ancient Chinese philosophical system that determines harmony, “feng” means air flow and “shui” means water. The belief is that these factors have a great impact on human life. Good feng shui...
Ginger tea health benefits

Health Benefits Of Ginger

In “Dong Pha tap ky” by To Thuc from the Tong dynasty of China, there existed a story about eternal youth. A monk who lived at Tinh Tu Temple in Tien Duong was more...
Chamomile Tea

Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

For Asians, fall is associated with the mid-autumn festival. On the night of the full moon, enjoying a cup of chamomile tea is a joy for people who prefer a quiet, dreamy scene. Chamomile...

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