Skin & Aging

By:  Dr. Benjamin Barankin, MD FRCPC Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Barankin & Dr. Anatoli Freiman launched the Toronto Dermatology Centre in 2010, the largest & most comprehensive...

Is Your Relationship Good for You?

One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is the maturity and emotional health of each partner. A relationship is as healthy...

Lemon Aid

Lemon is a popular and widely used citrus fruit. Besides flavoring drinks or foods, lemon has many lesser-known functions. The entire lemon, including juice, seeds,...

Not All Olive Oils Are Equal

Dr. Khoi Nguyen Olive oil has many health benefits. It has been used widely in cuisine and in the beauty industry. Here are some useful...

Nutrition For Your Vision

By Dr. Amy Cheng and Jonathan Dinh You have heard the saying “You are what you eat,” and it is very true. The foods that...

Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Doctor?

Have you thought about medical school for yourself or another family member? Here are some tips to get admitted to medical school and for...
Sad girl sleeping on roof of building.

A Mental Health Crisis

By: Pauline Ho For nearly 10 million children and youth in Canada, September marks the start of a new year.  As another school year begins,...

Criticism Does Not Work

Are you the one who always points out what is wrong with other people’s behaviour? Feeling frustrated with other people’s poor choices or mistakes? A bit...

Cool Health Benefits of Pennywort

Dizzied by the broiling sun, we find relief  inside and out by drinking ground pennywort smoothies. Besides its cooling functions the plant also boasts...

When Emotions Get the Better of You

Having emotional control does not mean being unemotional. Emotions are the spice of your existence. They give variety and flavor to life. The last...

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