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Youngsters’ rooms are fun and enjoyable to design and build.

You have to think about small details and creative furniture that will give a playful vibe to the room.

Colorful details are frequently used in this kind of project, however, designers are using more neutral shades for walls, saving bright tones for accessories, furniture and light fixtures.

Here are several options for decorating a child’s room, from bright and eye-catching, to a cleaner, pale ambiance.

A magical and neutral nursey room. Soft colors are used in the wallpaper and wood details while colorful pieces such as the chair match the chandelier.

Animal paintings make this room restful and whimsical for your baby.

A cozy and cool room for a happy child. Black and white prints, pillows and rug are highlighted by a great lighting set and zingy decor accessories include the yellow chair and dream-catcher.

Contemporary pizzazz. The chandelier takes us on a space trip that only a child could imagine. Color details on the furniture and walls make this an elegant, yet fresh place.

A study spot. With an industrial vibe, metal details and a zap of red, this space inspires kids to get busy on homework and projects.
Blast off to another galaxy!

The center piece, the Rocky-Rocket, injects fantasy and imagination. It’s a space to play and have fun. The chandelier complements the space environment, fueling dreams of star ships and walking on the moon. (Source: Circu)

A capricious and colorful room to delight any child. Well positioned air balloons give it that extra special, high-flying touch.