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Since 1895, the world’s most stylish gentlemen have chosen Berluti to get a pair of sophisticated shoes. Made famous by the original pure, classic, and timeless lines that had been inspired by Parisian architecture, the Berluti Fashion House of today is still touting the same creative yet classy styles in all of their products. To the elite Vietnamese, Berluti is a house-hold brand.In the Fall-Winter 2015 Collection, these qualities are, once again, displayed with strokes of originality and genius. There is something for all Berluti lovers ranging from a look that is more crisply chic and casual, to a look that has more of a sporty personality but still stays within the tailored spirit.

There is also an outstanding array of choices for the type of skin or leather a man can choose for his shoes; Berluti has included some of the most exotic for their clients. For detailing on the vamps, clients can request ostrich, alligator, shark, lizard or shagreen.

For the clients who want to take it even further with customization, Berluti has a small group of specialists who have been taught the technique of Olga Berluti where they can tattoo by hand onto Berluti leather. Clients can choose from a selection of insects and animals, signs of the zodiac and the Chinese horoscope, vintage designs with eagles, or some calligraphy. They can also choose to provide their own design; Berluti shoe workshop craftsmen pride themselves in being able to meet the client’s every personal desire, as long it respects the Berluti identity.

From bespoke shoes to jackets, bags or suits that are featured in their latest collections, you can be sure that Berluti products portray the purest traits of luxuriousness while being light and elegant.