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Let’s take a stroll along Christie Pits Park and stop by 326 Harbord Street. Here, you will see an adorable retro-soda malt shop – the only one in Toronto! Owned by the equally adorable couple of Liezel and Brennan Anderson, this “mom n’ pop” stop is where you need to go for something refreshing and reminiscent of the good ol’ days.

The idea for this shop came after they visited NYC and realized that their hometown could really use a malt shop revival – they would combine the powerful forces of Liezel’s epic pastry chef skills and Brennan’s artistic, barista, and graphic designing skills – and they created something sweet and welcoming for the Torontonian demographic.

Take in the nostalgic décor while you delight in their cherry pie with a side of strawberry ice cream. When you taste the fantastic duo of flaky crust and sweet-sour cherries, it will be a magnificent experience.

If fruit pastries aren’t your thing, please try the bacon butter pecan tart with burnt marshmallow ice cream. There is nothing better than a Canadian homage made from beautiful flaky pastry and crunchy goodness, with a dollop of heavenly whipped cream and amazing ice cream.

The pastry case will rotate, but at any given time, you could be lucky enough to experience their other menu items like dark chocolate éclair, very berry éclair, banana cream éclair, and meat pies from the famous Wiseys Bakehouse.

What? Dessert too? Of course! How can it be a soda fountain malt shop without classics like Ice Cream Sandwiches? Choose from gluten-free chocolate cookies with mint ice cream, oatmeal raisin cookies with chocolate ice cream, or chocolate chip cookies with strawberry ice cream.

You can look forward to beverages and treats made on premises that are preservative-free, full of natural flavors and only being made with love and natural ingredients.

Let’s end off with the sodas! The colorful sodas come in flavors such as hibiscus, root and cola, vanilla cream, orange, citrus zinger and ginger ale. Each one is made with all real ingredients and special herbs or fruits.

Right now, with the summer days and nights being warm and inviting, stroll down to Bean and Baker Malt Shop with a partner or some friends; you’re sure to have a grand ol’ time!