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Our busy lifestyles have created a need to understand nutrition as well as health and weight loss. An endless whirlpool of work and study requires foods that provide enough nutrition, yet are tasty and quickly prepared.

I met Dr. Khoi at The Cold Pressery organic juice bar in Mississauga where he agreed to answer some questions about balancing a hectic office life with healthy choices. The juice bar was launched in May by one of the co-owners, a young Vietnamese girl. The menu board listed vegetarian foods and organic drinks. Dr. Khoi chose Jalapeno Bean Taco and Avocado Smash Toast for our discussion.

Living environment determines what you eat

It has only been 100 years since our lives became more affluent and people started consuming three meals a day. In ancient hunting and gathering days, eating habits were worlds apart from today’s norms. Sometimes people had plenty of food and other times they came home empty handed. They ate a lot in their prime days and abstained from foods on days without hunting. Similar to bears that eat a lot in summertime to accumulate enough energy for winter’s hibernation. The fat stored in their bodies enables them to survive long periods without eating as well as harsh temperatures.

Intermittent Fasting

A cut in calorie intake and increased physical activities are some popular methods in conventional weight loss therapies. However, there is a new direction in diet trends, intermittent fasting which is based on the eating habits of primitive people.

Scientists carried out experiments on lab rats by feeding them one day and not another. As a result, their calorie intake dropped, causing fat to be burned and weight lost.

With this type of diet our bodies learn to adapt over time. Research showed that Intermittent fasting stimulated the brain. Like flower trees, if they are not given enough rainfall, these trees will produce finer blooms the following year. However, to sustain it is a big challenge as humans cannot maintain this eating style for long. The metabolism rate is confused by self-starvation and the body refuses to burn excess fat.

 5-2 eating method

An adaptation is to eat five days as usual and fast two days (known as two-day fasting). The application of 5-2 eating habits will help your body understand the signals and stimulate the burning of fat provided it is applied sustainably and without interruption.

 Two day vegetarian challenge

Like other weight loss solutions, intermittent fasting must be taken seriously. However, during the two days of fasting, instead of starving ourselves, just consume vegetarian foods –vegetable protein instead of meat based protein.

 A miracle of vegetarian foods

A tip to help you maintain this method is to enrich or prepare these foods on your own. Other than vegetables, consume bean-based foods, tofu, and grains. Vegetable proteins from these staple foods stave off hunger while providing rich fibre, vitamins and help to burn excess fat. Protein found in vegetables assists our bodies to accumulate energy longer, avoid fatigue and keep in shape.

What is a nutritious vegetarian diet? Should we detox our body and how do we detox the proper way? Let’s meet with Dr. Khoi in the next issue of Culture Magazin®.

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Dr. Khoi Nguyen
Dr. Khoi holds a Science Degree from the University of Toronto and received his medical degree in 1988. He is currently seeing patients at his private family medicine practice. In 2010, he received the Canada’s Citizenship Award for his numerous contributions to the community. Bác sĩ Khôi tốt nghiệp ngành khoa học tại University of Toronto và tốt nghiệp y khoa năm 1988. Hiện nay ông đang làm việc tại phòng mạch tư chuyên về sức khỏe gia đình, và đã được vinh dự nhận giải thưởng Canada’s Citizenship Award năm 2010.