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Raymond Gerson

An adjunct professor of college and career success courses at Austin Community College. He is author of Achieve College Success and Achieve Career Success and trains educators how to teach these strategies.

Plant Seeds And Be Patient For Results

When I was young I would frequently say to my father, “I want to hurry up and get through with school” or “I want this or that to happen faster.” His reply was “Don’t...

Outline of Important Points for University and Career Success

Success in college, career and life is the result of a positive mindset plus the right skills and strategies. You must practice using your skills to develop them and to keep them sharp. Success...

Mindset Pathway to Student Success

Mindset is an idea by Carol Dweck, Stanford University psychologist and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (3). She has spent over four decades researching the types of beliefs that bring about...