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By: Ngocsii

One of the most enticing parts of a trip is experience and conquest –  discovering  new lands, horizons and cultures. Asia has an abundance of cultural and historical destinations with diverse cuisine and spectacular natural scenery. Many  cities are rich in the arts and are home to amazing creativity. Street art embodies the history and essence of each Asian country, delivering an unforgettable experience to each visitor.

Penang, Malaysia

Itinerant wanderers explore the streets to search for hidden gems scattered around narrow alleyways. Insatiable gourmands also never get enough of Penang. Street art and graffiti add a new strong identity to the city. Visitors also revel in street music and drop by fine beaches, butterfly farms and national parks.

Melaka and Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown City, the capital of Penang Island, was ranked by travel website Lonely Planet as one of the 10 most attractive cities of the world in 2016. It was the only representative from Southeast Asia to receive this honour. Thanks to flawless historical buildings, fascinating street art and culinary delights, Penang Island is a dream destination for travelers who are appreciate culture and food. Dropping by lovely little Georgetown, travelers idly ramble through all the  marvelous scenic places. Cheong Fatt Tze Castle, Armenian Street and Little India are definitely spots you can not afford to miss.

Melaka richly deserves the title “Venice of the East.” The town’s placid atmosphere is lush with greenery, the river,  an azure sky and hospitable Melaka locals. Melaka instills a sense of calmness in every traveler. It has been called the town of museums, and its quintessential quarters include the European Quarter and Chinatown, a miniature world presented in a refined manner. In addition, Melaka has a lively night scene with boisterous bazaars.

The Mural Village, Vietnam

At the heart of this S-shaped country lies a mural village that can rival any other established cultural hub. The Korean-Vietnam Community Fine Arts Exchange in Quang Nam and Danang is supported by the Korean World Relation Fund  and  comprises 120 houses painted by Korean volunteers. There are portraits of the hosts, paintings of fish and landscapes, and depictions of the daily lives of coastal villagers. Done in bright colours, the portraits of the fishing inhabitants are fantastic and authentic. The first mural village in Vietnam captures the imagination and delights viewers.

Ihwa Mural Village (Seoul) and Gamcheon Culture Village (Busan), South Korea

In Korea some villages are covered with lovely murals like those found in fairy tales. There are many famous mural villages that entice legions of travelers. In Seoul there is Ihwa Mural Village, filled with lovely graffiti. Visitors like to drop by a café to sip a cup of coffee and marvel at the murals.

Gamcheon Cultural Village also has must-see street art. At the foot of a coastal hill,  it is referred to as the  “Santorini of Busan.” Numerous alleyways crisscross  the village and are decorated with flamboyant paintings and sculptures created by the locals. Along the village walls, numerous murals of all styles are assembled from small, brightly coloured, wooden fish.

3D Art Museum, Philippines

In the Philippines visitors must go and see the 3D Art Museum in Cubao, Quezon City. This museum is lauded for its interaction between art and art admirers. Visitors feel like they are lost in a lively and surreal world. They are also allowed to create paintings, a great number of which look real.