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By Maureen Littlejohn
Peter Matravers, chief scientific officer, Arbonne International
Peter Matravers, chief scientific officer, Arbonne International

Originally from Hong Kong, Peter Matravers holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and works for Arbonne International, a Swiss-founded company that specializes in anti-aging skin care and cosmetics. He has more than 30 years of experience and his accomplishments include ingredient development, creative formulations and new methodologies in product performance testing.


What have you found the Asian market wants in beauty products?

It’s about texture and moisture and avoiding formulas that are greasy and heavy. Most Asian consumers do not want a heavy barrier for protection. They do not like products to feel sticky, especially in tropical climates. This market uses more toner in the summer months and less night cream.

Arbonne has worked on anti-aging products recently. Can you tell us about it?

We teamed up with an MIT professor to find the best way to deliver active ingredients to the skin. Our Intelligence Genius Ultra is an ultrasound device that pushes product such as our Intensive Renewal Serum into the skin faster than manual application. The results are quicker and more apparent. Our studies show that when using the device there is a 79 per cent improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet, a 93 per cent improvement in skin smoothness, a 96 per cent improvement in firmness and a 100 per cent improvement in skin elasticity.

What is your best advice when it comes to combating the aging process? Is nutrition important?

There are two things that really affect the skin: Hydration and sleep. These are more important than taking multi-vitamins or eating foods containing anti-oxidants.

What about probiotics?

The newest evidence shows that probiotics promote general health. They provide good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and that can benefit the skin. One probiotic example is the Korean pickle dish kimchi. It can be very good for you, especially if it does not contain much hot pepper. That is why Korean women have such fine, translucent skin.

What advice would you give for looking and feeling good while travelling?

Keep hydrated! Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fiber. Try to eat cooked, fiber-rich foods such as beans or vegetables. If they are cooked they are more easily digested and less stressful for the gastrointestinal tract.

Arbonne facts: Founded in Switzerland, now headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Arbonne has offices in Mississauga, Ont., England, Australia, Poland and Taiwan. Products cover anti-aging, skincare, bath, body, hair, sun, cosmetics, and fragrances. One of the top direct selling companies in the world, Arbonne has been in business for more than 37 years. Products do not contain aminobenzoic acid, animal by-products, petroleum, parabens or formaldehyde. Packaging is biodegradable wherever possible. In Canada there are approximately 45,000 Arbonne consultants.