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Since its much-anticipated inception, Culture Magazin® is as dedicated as ever to its mission of promoting and facilitating the assimilation of Western & Vietnamese cultures and values. The magazine features inter-cultural topics and in-depth information about the social, educational and economic interactions of Vietnamese people worldwide through permanent editorial columns such as beauty & fashion, travel, food, entertainment, education… Westerners who are interested in understanding more about Vietnamese culture, business etiquette, and way of life find Culture Magazin® a highly valuable source of reference.

The only magazine of its kind, Culture Magazin® is truly a bridge that connects East and West, and is a facilitator of cultural exchange for both sides. The magazine is packed with vibrant photographs, and contents that are entertaining as well as informative. We are constantly pursuing innovative ways to build a strong branding and differentiation for our clients in today’s competitive market. Through effective marketing strategies and robust social media presence, we will help expand your brand’s exposure to a broader worldwide audience.

Culture Magazin® continues to make every effort to deliver a win-win partnership to our clients in the upcoming years.


  • Culture Magazin® is the only high gloss magazine published in Vietnamese and English, serving both Vietnamese and Western readers.
  • Over 90,000 in readership; a majority of readers are highly educated individuals with high earning potential, and the ability to make huge impacts on consumer decisions.
  • Our online e-magazine reaches hundreds of thousands of worldwide readers.
  • Culture Magazin® actively stays in touch with many communities, and uses every opportunity to promote the magazine via the Internet, in print, and through major entertainment events like Film Festivals, Vietnamese New Year Festivals, Multicultural Festivals, Business Expos, Career Fairs, and many other large-scale musical concerts.


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