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Tailor an area to your needs and personal style, and you will set yourself up for success.


A great work area deserves precedence and shouldn’t look like an afterthought. If space is already at a premium in your home, it’s time to get creative. When looking for the perfect spot, consider areas in your home that attract clutter, or nooks that aren’t being utilized (such as an awkward niche or under a staircase).

Appropriate lighting

Natural light is always ideal.  A desk lamp for those late nights is a must. Florescent lighting, or aggressive lighting of any kind, is a must not.


Who doesn’t like an office with a view?  If the space where your work area is to be located does not have windows then bring nature to you.  Incorporate plants that give you the desired effect.  If there isn’t a lot of natural light, or any at all, make sure you choose plants accordingly.  For a formal office area, wainscoting or a coffered ceiling can be quite distinguishing.

Colour your world, choose wisely

In smaller areas, choose light shades to make the space seem larger and brighter. Accentuate with pops of colour. If you have a large room, then choose something more dramatic such as wood paneling on the walls or ceiling.

A work surface as brilliant as you are

Customize the work surface to fit in the desired area.  Invest in a unique desk or, better yet, create your own with a piece of etched glass, a slab of onyx or granite, or an old barn door. This tends to be the focal point so it should be interesting.  If you spend a lot of time in the work area, ergonomic considerations come into play.

The perfect chair

Depending on the amount of consecutive hours you spend in your work space, choose your chair accordingly.  If you spend lengthy amounts of time at the desk, an adjustable chair is recommended. For a more casual work area, you can choose something fun and less structured.


Don’t clutter your work space. Plan to accommodate the items you will need in the space that is available. There are many products that can be customized for storage and shelving. Implement open and closed solutions so you can incorporate accents that are attractive and add interest.

Amazing accessories

Choose pieces that ignite your passion.