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Founded 25 years ago, saigonchildren™  has given the gift of education to tens of thousands of Vietnamese children.

When Nhung was born, she had a tumour on her leg, and when she was three years old the leg was sadly removed. Her future seemed bleak. Her parents migrated from Tien Giang province to Ho Chi Minh City to work as hired labourers, earning whatever they could to help their daughter. As she grew, she faced many difficulties adjusting to her new life with an artificial limb. Her friends and teachers encouraged Nhung to go to school and, with support, she adopted the attitude “If other people can do it, so can I.” But her family had little and her mother stopped work to care for Nhung.

Since 2009 Nhung has been one of around 2,000 children supported each year by scholarships from saigonchildrenTM. The Child Development Programme is designed to help children and families who need it most, providing school fees, uniforms, books, sometimes a bicycle, as well as guidance and counselling. Nhung’s school performance was always strong and she achieved excellent results. She excelled at literature, winning gold medals in her school’s Olympic Literature Contest.

Outside the classroom her passion is drawing, especially cartoons, and she spends a lot of time practicing and studying art. She decided to give back to saigonchildrenTM  by helping design Christmas and Tet cards sold to fund more scholarships for others like her. Just US$100 provides a child with a scholarship for a year, US$400 funds a year at university.

“After eight years of receiving support from saigonchildren™, beside reducing the financial burden on my family, I also got great help from the saigonchildren™ team. Their support gave me huge motivation to overcome all difficulties and challenges whenever I felt weary. I am so lucky and appreciative of saigonchildren™, who have been by my side all this time.”

As saigonchildren™ celebrates its 25th anniversary, the team, and their kind and generous donors, can reflect with great satisfaction on the life-changing impact of more than 35,000 scholarships provided, more than 10,000 enrolments in vocational courses, 480 classrooms built in remote rural areas, and 55 projects delivered to build capacity in special needs education for children with disabilities. But there are still more children and families in poverty, more barriers to education that need to be removed.

Nhung is now in her third year of studying psychology at HCMC University. She is still funded by saigonchildren™ as they support her on her educational journey. She wants to be a teacher, to help others. She knows that there are thousands of other children supported by saigonchildrenTM  in different ways each year, and she believes that every one of those children must be as happy as she is now, having the opportunities to make their dreams come true.

About saigonchildren™

Saigon Children’s Charity (saigonchildren™) was founded in 1992. A UK charity, saigonchildrenTM  works exclusively in Vietnam, with a mission “to enable disadvantaged children and youngsters in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs.”

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