Culture Magazin was recently invited to UNIQLO’s Spring and Summer 2017 preview. The event took place in Downtown Toronto and I was front row seat at the sneak peek.

SPRZ NY( Surprise New York) is a collection that incorporates pop art designs to create a product that is diverse for everyone.

SS17 Graphic Tee Collection

“We are really excited that we can now introduce the new Spring and Summer 2017 Collection to people. Especially with the new graphic t-shirts,” said Yasuhiro Hayashi, the UNIQLO Chief Operating Officer.

The collection has a range of prints inspired by the iconic art works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and geometric patterns inspired by the work of Sol Lewitt, Francois Morellet, Max Bill and Gego (Gertrude Goldschmidt).

New line features designs inspired by a range of artists

What I enjoy most about this collection is the creativeness. I feel like the designs on these t-shirts are very playful, and adds a pop of colour and designs. Besides who doesn’t like a comfortable t-shirt!

The SPRZ NY collection extends beyond just t-shirts and includes dresses, rompers, scarves, bags, and other accessories as well.

UNIQLO introduces new technology called “AIRism”

UNIQLO also introduced a new technology called “AIRism” at their event.

AIRism is a new norm in innerwear that makes your clothing feel lighter and gives you more room to breathe. The material is soft but thick enough that you can wear it on hot summer days without getting drenched in sweat.

“AIRism is a unique concept that you wear more to feel cooler. It captures your body moisture and it releases it faster,” said Hayashi.

“We have continued to evolve our lineup so people with all skin types can stay comfortable in any season.” – UNIQLO

Hayashi also explained how the company doesn’t follow trends really:  “We more so make the actual product easier, lighter, stretchier, and anti-wrinkle.”

Family outfits display at UNIQLO SS17 preview

With this new technology called Airism I feel like it would be perfect for those hot and humid days in the summer. The t-shirts and tank tops come in a variety of colours including your basic blacks and whites. The material is thick enough so you don’t see your undergarments but thin enough for your skin to breath and not build up sweat stains.

UNIQLO SS17 office
Office attire display at UNIQLO SS17 preview

Overall I think the collection will do great this Spring and Summer 2017. The materials are built to be very light and stretchable. I enjoy the concept of taking simple pieces pairing it with a simple jean, or jacket to make an outfit that you can wear to the office, a summer BBQ and even a baby shower.

Collections will gradually hit stores in February.