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Nothing is more amazing than spending a spring night in Hoi An with friends, family or loved ones. When the sun sets, the pedestrian-friendly streets of Hoi An come alive with vibrant displays of traditional lanterns, folk dance performances, folk games and lit candles floating down Thu Bon River. While enjoying the entertainment, you can also snack on delicious street food such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, and chicken rice. Hoi An satisfies even the most demanding visitors.

At Tet all the activities in the old town of Hoi An are affected. Lanterns are hung everywhere, brightening the ancient, taciturn houses and welcoming the season. Hundreds of colored paper boats manned with burning candles float romantically on the gentle Hoai river. Bridges are decorated with dragons and lanterns and free outdoor musical performances by visiting musicians and local school children delight the crowds.

Colorful lanterns shine throughout the streets, alleys, shops and front porches, creating a brilliant experience and a shimmering welcome to spring. Lanterns are meaningful and indispensible to local people in Hoi An. They are a featured highlight of this town.

A lantern festival is organized annually to celebrate the lunar new year. Hand-made versions in various shapes are hung in the houses’ yards of this ancient town, along the riverside and all across the roads.

Hundreds of large lanterns create ribbons of light, leading visitors from An Hoi bridge to the stage on the river. The water shimmers with light and thousands of drifting flower garlands create a magical and beautiful festive night.