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2015 is the second year this special scholarship, sponsored by Dentist Bao Vo of, has the joy of recognizing academic excellence in our community.

The five amazing students that won last year were eligible to renew their scholarships, however, only two were eligible to win. Congratulations to the following two students for winning another $2,000 scholarship for their 2nd year of full time university studies.

  • Andy Tran, University of Waterloo – 2nd year
  • James Vu, University of Ottawa – 2nd year

We would like to thank all first year students who had applied for the scholarship this year. Congratulations to the following winners of 2015 Culture Scholarship:

  • Maggie Hong, University of Toronto – 1st year
  • Kim Vu, MacMaster University – 1st year
  • Max Hoang, Ryerson University – 1st year

Also, congratulations to Timothy Nguyen, 2nd year student at the University of Guelph, for winning a Special Award this year.

An award ceremony was held during Culture’s Lunch & Learn event on August 27, 2015.